A Vagabonds tale

Reported by Y.C.G.

Published on Monday, May 13th, 2024

Identity Volunteering and Employment

A Vagabonds tale

Written by Y.C.G.

Published on Monday, May 13th, 2024


Volunteering and Employment

A Vagabond’s Tale,

At the gates of silence.



These words are inspired by my own experiences, strength and hopes.

A decision to apply to volunteer in the UK, this information was passed on

by a Childhood friend, in Brittany, North of France, where I come from.

Agreement signed to volunteer for

An organisation supporting people

With Learning Disabilities and

Mental health issues.


A brief account

Of my Arrival, and of this year’s

General topics in the realms of

Politics, the mainstream, and last but not

least, homelessness suggestions

And dealings by the establishment

At that time, the outcomes.

The Drama of Life and its Humanity,

Civilisation and their state of Affairs.

A right to Live, active to contribute

To society and the community.

Application or not to get a decent shelter.


My dear Honourable friends,

Please do reflect, reading

This article.


Do you know Who is out there?

It is 1993. Listening to my own Thoughts,

Remembrance of my Twenties.


Documented and Filed in my Deep individual

consciousness or even perhaps, in my

deeper unconsciousness.


Of the Phases and the Phrases surrounding

my own decision, and arrival as a Community

Service Volunteer, (CSV)

In Barking, Essex. Time of Service,

365 Days. Another Adventure.


Shores of Portsmouth Harbour to

Brentwood, destination by Locomotive.

First Class, please. All of this Journey,

From Brittany, France. On board.

Passport, Sealed, Signed and Delivered.

A Gentle bow to greet my Future.


‘Tis was Evening, April Dusk, all clear.

Greeted by a gentle Lady, in an Essex

Station, to commute to my Lodgings,

All inclusive, I was ready for a good rest,

well deserved. Slumber took me over,

in Dreamlands realms. A vagabond’s



Refreshed and Awake, I was picked up

by the same Gentle Lady, whom introduced,

Your humble scribbler, to support the staff

And its residents on a weekly basis.


What an opportunity and privilege to do so.

My Linguistic, yet, to improve. Events of

Recollection of Classified and Declassified

Files, The winds of Change.


Wikipedia.1993 in the UK.


Resume of Events, an Education.

You may say!


Known mainstream facts as follow:

.Elizabeth ll

.Prime Minister: John Major.

.UK Parliament:

House of Lords.

House of Commons.


Dear Lady Diana, filing for Divorce,

And withdrawn from public affairs.


Rise and fall of Unemployment,

As the economists warned us.

Stephen Lawrence death.

Violence in the streets, still?

The Queen announces open doors

To the public at Buckingham Palace.

First time. Cheers!


Channel tunnel opening 1994.

UNISON. Trade union is formed.

M15. James Bond goes public.

Department of Health, waiting,

the list reached one million.

The Queen speaks of her hopes

For peace in Northern Ireland.


Breathing in, Breathing out.

Relax, NOW? My dear readers!

Oh, no! Part two is coming.


Homelessness policies in 1993.


My dear Ladies and Gents.

Honourable Minister of Housing?

A simple reminder that rough sleepers

Are humans and individuals too? A fact.

Additional measures in place. Millions of

Pounds to be spent. Deadline? What?

Are you really serious? Politics. Sighs!


Reality…evictions, families cannot pay

accommodation rent, council or private.

Dear chancellor of the exchequer, golden

Coins to boost the housing market. Really?


A deadline to spend the cash? Did I hear that right? Unfortunately, oh yes.

Consultation with Voluntary Organisations

To improve their policies? What is this fuss?


Local authorities and police, monthly review?

And marital breakdown in the picture, alas.

Head of the house, rough sleeping. Fact.

To provide permanent and affordable Housing.

An ongoing problem. Receipts, please?


And life goes on. But always remember,

This shall too pass.


Gratitude to you all.



Written by Y.C.G.

Landed as a Human Being, Here on Earth in 1967 contemporary era. Linguistics consisting as Alien, French, English. Please choice at Demand and Supply, subject to availability on a daily basis. Educational curriculum in France, tick! Hospitality for three ages, sailor for twelve moons, swimming the seven seas, support worker for Aeons. On a journey following the four seasons, slowly or quickly, pretty vagrant, now I am…to be to continued. Gratitude to Groundswell.

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Identity Volunteering and Employment

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