The Tube Homelessness

Reported by Y.C.G.

Published on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Poverty Stigma

The Tube Homelessness

Written by Y.C.G.

Published on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024




The Tube


To those who dug

and will dig again,

for the comfort and

the discomfort of our exquisite society.

We thank you.

Contributing to the daily travels

on the tube, in the city.



rough sleeping,

In the underground,

we do know that,

it does exist,

but is it acknowledged?

What are the TFL policies in place?


Oyster cards enthusiasts,

Commuters United.

What is it all about?

As an individual,

what will you do?

Dear readers.


How will you react?

How will you respond?

Some people look-up,

Some do not.

Some ignore, Some give.

And at last, a kind of smile?


Please people,

do be nice to each other.

One day at a time.



Gratitude to all.




Written by Y.C.G.

Landed as a Human Being, Here on Earth in 1967 contemporary era. Linguistics consisting as Alien, French, English. Please choice at Demand and Supply, subject to availability on a daily basis. Educational curriculum in France, tick! Hospitality for three ages, sailor for twelve moons, swimming the seven seas, support worker for Aeons. On a journey following the four seasons, slowly or quickly, pretty vagrant, now I am…to be to continued. Gratitude to Groundswell.

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Poverty Stigma

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