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Morshed is a first-generation immigrant originally from Bangladesh. He was graduated in Drama and Dramatics from Jahangirnagar University (Bangladesh), and Business Studies from University of Roehampton (UK). Most of his life he worked in financial sector, but kept his artistic interest alive, so is his journalist mind. Hence, he has been working with as a Citizen Journalist, and with as Community Ambassador. He is a Community Journalist at . Morshed edited and co-edited different magazines both in Begali and English including BEYOND, published by Migrant Voice. Morshed has keen interest in street photography, classics, art and painting, and short stories from around the world. His poetry been published in an anthology in 2023.

Being a first-generation immigrant, Morshed is still struggling to settle in this country, irrelevant to the length of his stay in here. Over the period of his migration journey, he has experienced some differences that should not happen in any inclusive and ideal world. He believes, it is not only him who has experienced these, a wide range of migrated and marginalised people have the similar experiences. Sadly enough, it is not always the same as we read or see in the mainstream media. Morshed has an immersed understanding, if our stories are not told by us, there is a fear; the story will be retold with an interpretation of the story re-teller. Then it will lose the authenticity of the story.

Great Britain today is going through a wide range of issues that are affecting its social justice. Major aspects of everyday life; housing, health, education, unemployment as such is being eroded, impacting marginalised communities the most. Crying out for respite or change by oneself will get drowned out amidst the commotion of the modern day. However, due to organisations like Groundswell, Morshed believes, many voices crying out together is the only way to enact the dreams that we all would like to see become reality, not only for us, but for future generations.

These are a few reasons he became a Listen Up! Community Reporter, with a hope to get our voice heard to make an inclusive community. He has strong interest is culture, race, ethnicity, and identity.