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Manchester Street Poem

Reported by Morshed

Reported by Karen

Published on Thursday, July 4th, 2024

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Blogs Reports

Manchester Street Poem

Written by Karen

Written by Karen

Published on Thursday, July 4th, 2024



On 26th June, the Listen Up! reporters attended a workshop held by Manchester Street Poem. Here Karen writes about her experience. Photos by Morshed


Cardboard on the wall but no woodchip?

A tad bizarre but really hip

Time to get hands dirty Simon shouts

Not sure what this is all about?

Pots of paint in black and white

Poets ready to delight

Express your story in this creative way

Free your mind just for today

We all joined in and gave it a go

Some learning fast and some learning slow

It’s a great way to share your thoughts

In words and patterns and kinds of all sorts

The work we saw was extremely artistic

It was raw and honest and very realistic

The talent we saw in poems or art

Were impressive and brave and straight from the heart

Manchester Street Poems is a simple idea

It really works and helps you think clear

Feeling free while painting on walls

All shapes and sizes drawn by us all

A group effort with lots of laughter and fun

Now the words need to be done

This time in white so it really looks bold

So people can read the stories we’ve told

The power of words and writing stuff down

Can help you heal and lessen your frown

Keep telling your stories it will ease your soul

And eventually one day you will become whole.


Written by Karen

I'm Karen from Manchester it's great to meet you all. I'm a recovering alcoholic,
I experienced a short time of homelessness many years ago, I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and I'm happy to say I've come through it all.
I volunteered at a local Alcohol and Substance Abuse centre where I qualified as a Peer Mentor.
I now care for my elderly dad who is housebound and I feel blessed to be able and well enough to do this.
I hope as part of this Community Reporting team our stories can contribute to making a difference to homelessness and health inequalities and shine a light on any other injustices we come across.

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