Le Voyage

Reported by Y.C.G.

Published on Monday, April 8th, 2024

Creativity Volunteering and Employment

Le Voyage

Written by Y.C.G.

Published on Monday, April 8th, 2024


Volunteering and Employment

Awaken from my slumber,

Dusk to dawn,

Ilford, Greater London.

Pioneer Point, Skyscraper,

Shadowed clouds,

Architectures through

the concrete jungle

and its pedestrians.

Welcome all to

Elizabeth Line station.



Weekly Oyster card.

Scan the machine! Enter!

Platform 3, Westbound.

From Ilford to Liverpool Street Station,

All change! Mind-the-gap!



Northern line, no boundaries?

Light! Camera! Action!

Endless stairs, ramps.

Equilibrium? Perfect!

White tiles reflecting on the corridor of delight!



Following the Northern Line,

Curious bench? More stairs!

The mystery lingers on.

Escalator, cling! clang!

Mix of rubber and iron,

steady on my feet,

holding the ramp

courtesy of the underground.



Ah! Southbound Platform 8.

Moorgate to Oval.

What an adventure!

Yawning!!! Vision of the tube,

arriving full speed ahead!

Woosh! Should stay behind

the yellow line!


Safety, please!



Oval! Way out, follow the arrow?

Wooden ramp, stairs.

Escalators, a green wall

calling me to the exit?

Scan the Oyster card.

Once more.

Open air, traffic lights.

Out, in the park!



Oh hello! Mr Raven, how do you do?

What a lovely yard you have got there!

Red and brown buildings,

guide and map rectangular post.

Kennington Park Workspace.

Fascination, then relaxation.



Rectangular green table,

Big pots of exotic plants.

What a design!

My imagination ponders!

Canterbury Court building,

Main reception. Huge doors

opening. Viewings of the panels

of information, goggles on?



One, two, three storeys. Where do I go? 343, 344!!!

Groundswell Network Support.

Iron glass structure, the lift!

No thank you! Lovely people.

I prefer to use the spiralling green stairs.

Out of breath!

Press the button,

Monsieur le reporter!



Buzzer on. Buzzer off. Door opened

Hello! Everybody. Sign in.

Computers clicked on.

The office is full of stuff.

Talking to staff, endless chatter.

Fantastic! on repeat! Those ideas of reporting,

never ending

and supporting different causes.


Then, Monsieur le reporter,

Will sit down, starting

researching and writing.

Thus, in this wonderful world

of community volunteer reporting.

Gratitude to all.


Written by Y.C.G.

Landed as a Human Being, Here on Earth in 1967 contemporary era. Linguistics consisting as Alien, French, English. Please choice at Demand and Supply, subject to availability on a daily basis. Educational curriculum in France, tick! Hospitality for three ages, sailor for twelve moons, swimming the seven seas, support worker for Aeons. On a journey following the four seasons, slowly or quickly, pretty vagrant, now I am…to be to continued. Gratitude to Groundswell.

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Creativity Volunteering and Employment

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